Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the LAMEST post EVER!

I have been reading blogs all day and thinking to myself, 
"Why can't I be that creative".  There are times sure that I pull out something amazing but lately I am just not feeling it.  I was told when I quit working the flower shop that I would miss making arrangements and the creative feel, I told them no way.  
Being home was what I wanted more than anything.  So are you now saying 
"Shana do you feel different now?"  the answer is actually NO!  
I love being home and it is at home that I want to now be creative.  But here is what I am finding out.  It takes $$ to be creative, when I was working I was creating with in an essences other people's money, now at home it is my money.  
And people let's face it my money is well scarce.  
But I have seen a few things today on blogs that I think I can make with out having to go and shop even though I would love love love to go shop.  
(i would love a glue gun cause I could really use one of those but I have a glue pot so I hope that works as well)
Here is to the lamest post I think I have done in my blogging life and the promise to start getting creative at home!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hairy legs or Razor burn??

So I was getting ready for church Sunday and realized "OH MY I NEED TO SHAVE MY LEGS"  I looked at my shaver and thought to myself, hhmmm how old is this?  Oh well what needs to be done needs to be done.  Shower finished and getting dress then lotion on the clean legs.  Holy Heckers.....I cried out it burns it burns.  I then realized that shaver I wondered how old it was.....was incredibly OLD!  I still have pain. I have forgone the need to have pics to post for this cause I know all the ladies know what I am talking about.  I know this is a sad and even pathetic post but I needed to get it out there.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nikolas turned 12!

When did this happen and how did this happen??  I know I am getting old and now I have more proof for you!  My baby turned 12 July 25.  Holy Schnikies how could this be.  To make it even more pain on my part he is taller than me too.  Again I know what your saying (I know I am short).  I took him to get a new pair of shoes cause the 61/2 were about dead, and he kept telling me how they were to small.  We got to the store I decided to have the lady check his size cause I was pretty sure he only needed to maybe go up to a size 71/2.  When she looked up at me and said he is measuring almost 81/2 but should probably wear a 9 to get the most comfort, I caught my eyes from popping out of my head and then my feet coming out from under me.  9 are you sure I mean come on!!!  So I went over to the 9's and began pointing out shoes.  Nikolas decided on a pair, I was still not believing he was ready for this size so I did what any sane mommy would do, I said lift your toe and I put my thumb at the top and what'll ya know it moved my thumb.  WOW,  ARE YOU KIDDING ME and OMGOODNESS!!!  He smiled at me and said "Mom I told you my other shoes were to small".  I love that my kids are going up but sad that they aren't small anymore either.  I can handle this I know I can.  I may be smaller then all of them but as Bill Cosby has said "I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD AND I CAN TAKE YOU OUT".

He is trying to look all tough in this picture, to cool for smiling!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wow 20 years ago... REALLY???

So yesterday I took the two older boys to get their schedules for this coming school year.
And it got me thinking...holy heck
 June 23, 1991 I graduated from ROME FREE ACADEMY. 
I lived in Rome, Ny and went to most oldest school I ever thought.  It has been around since Smuckers Jam was created!  Look it up you will be amazed!  Any way I liked school sure.  I wasn't the smartest by any means but I did ok.  I was in Marching Band and loved that.  (and my Emalee is now in marching band too).  I had alot of friends (most of them are on my Friends now too on Facebook!) during my senior year it was these 2 ladies who I hung out the most with.
Kristie S. is in the middle and Courtney C is on the end.  They were the best!
Kristie has gone on to be a teacher herself and I know she is incredible at it! Courtney passed away from Cancer a few years back.  (I miss her).
I also graduated from Seminary.  It was a hard 4 years for me.  I am not a morning person by any means and yes I walked through the rain and snow to get there and sometimes up hill both ways!
This is Sister Bell and also my brother Alan. Sister B was great she taught my last 2 years of seminary, I also had Sister Ahrens and Sister Ditman as teachers both were great too.  
So now with 3 of my kids being in high school, I hope they have the great times like I had and can get to the end and graduate with a smile on their face like I had 20 years ago!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

The need to not become to crazy!

So this month was an overwhelming experiences one right after another,
 it start last month and has snowballed.  
We were asked to take in our nephew, Christian at the beginning of June.  Due to family situations in his family he would not be able to live with his mom.  After much prayer and family talks we decided it was ok for all.  He is just 3 months younger than Nathan. He loves basketball and seems to want to play it every moment he can.  So we are looking forward to school starting so he can jump all he wants lol.  We had to do a lot of moving around and my house is still not totally back in place.  But we are adjusting. Also this month Nikolas will be turning 12 which to me is another teenager!  
Next my sweet daughter and hubby decided I have been very lonely with out my dog Jack who ran away last year.  They had secretly talked to Lisa Boren and got to puppies from her litter she just had.  They are 2 boys.  I named the bigger one Rufus.  See I love the movie (original) Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure.  If you have seen this movie then you know who Rufus is.  The smaller puppy I named Cooper.  He was so much smaller than the other, and I have always wanted a Mini Cooper to drive so now I have a mini Cooper in puppy form!  I love them both!  Our older beagle Scout is now a Grandpa but he isn't so sure he likes having them around.  It is cute to see them follow him around.
Next was my Grandpa Stewart passing.  We were able to drive to Sierra Vista to see him once more before he passed on.  I know he is with my Grandma now and much happier.  It was hard to see him but I am glad I got the chance.  That side of my family is very split over family things. It is sad to see one person tear a whole family part.  Little does she know or care to realize all the more harm than good she has done.  
When we got home from the visit 2 of our chickens were dead.  We still have 4 and one of them is the kids favorite (momma) but it was hard to deal with.  
Let's see then we had our ward split.  When we moved here I remember hearing the clerk say "you guys are one of the lasts and then our ward is done growing". (meaning no more homes to build in our boundaries) Well he was WRONG!!!  We kept growing.  It was hard to hear we weren't going to be apart of Sierra Ranch any more.  The kids had a really hard time, mostly Emalee.  But I promised her she would be ok. I was right we are doing well in our new ward Castlegate.  We all are making new friends and love that our old ones are still so close and we can see them when ever we want.  
So to round off this post -----
A few sad moments and new ward,
4 teenagers , 4 chickens, 2 puppies, 1 dog and 1 hubby!  
Enough to keep any mom busy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Crock Pot Lasagna Casserole

I am not one for BAKING as my mom tells me.  It drives her mad, when she asks to help me with food prep and I don't have exact measurements. I am a dump and pour kind of girl. (Mom says that I cook not bake) I love to make things that I think will be easy and simple.  My kids love when they see meal on Tv and there I am trying to make my own home version.
 Alot of it is simple and not genius trust me!  I find when I cook at home my kids actually prefer it, sure fast food here and there happens but on a budget it doesn't happen alot.   So ANY WAY here is my way of making Lasagna, because I don't like the whole way it is normally just takes to long in my world and the egg in the cheese mixture creeps me alot!
My ingredients are Lasagna noodles, Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, your choice of sauce, and cream cheese with garlic flavor (this is something new I just started adding).

First thing I do is mix the ricotta (only one container-sorry I pictured 2, cream cheese and mozzarella cheese (little more than half bag) and stir together.  
I like to use Italian sausage if you want to use ground beef that is totally cool. My trick that I do (and I think I saw Rachel Ray do this to, is to use a potato masher it makes the meat ground up a bit more,  do this after most of the meat is cooked)
Next I break up the noodles into bite pieces, makes it more casserole style.  I cook them till the are well done, I don't like a lasagna noodle that is still raw or uncooked (another reason I am not a fan of regular lasagna never seemed cooked)

Then let the layering begin.  I do sauce, noodles and then cheese mixture.  When I have reached my layers that I want I top with some of the left over mozzarella cheese.  I also add a bit of water around the edges, this also helps if the noodles didn't get cooked enough.  In a crock pot I try to let it go for at least 2 hours on high.  If you were wanting an all day approach cook on low for 4-5hours. You could also cook this in an oven if you wanted, 400 degrees till bubbly.  
There you have it Crock Pot Lasagna Casserole !  If you try this let me know how it worked for you and if you tweaked it let me know that too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

She DID IT!!!

May 26, 2011, Emalee Marie had her 8th grade promotion.  
Just a tiny back ground about my Emalee.  (I will probably tell this story again later in life like when it is high school graduation time for her) When Nathan started school Emalee was so upset that she couldn't go.  She didn't think it was fair.  So I remember telling her it was ok cause she could go to head-start the very next year.  Well come to find out they changed some law and we ended up making to much money.   (go figure)  After Nathan finished kindergarten, we decided to put him in a charter school that many of the other kids in our ward were attending.  When we got there a friend of mine asked how old was  Emalee I said she will be 5 in September.  She said you know our cut off is December 31 so she could start kindergarten this year instead of waiting another year.  THAT EVERYONE WAS MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!  Emalee has always been my into everything, find a way around things girl!  They told us that she may be a bit behind since she was at the younger end but she tested ok to start kindergarten and may be reading by christmas.  So there my little 5 year old was off to kindergarten.  It was nice cause her and Nathan are so close that being just behind him in school was good.  Then it happened I heard Emalee reading on her own and it was just before Thanksgiving!  It was like a whole new world opened up to her!  She never looked back.  Always getting A's in school and pushing herself to do better.  When we moved out to Queen Creek she was told that she would have homework every night.  She was so happy to hear this!  (I know, RIGHT) There are times I would even catch her doing her brothers homework not for him but along with him like it was her work too. Her 8th grade year she attended the high school so she even took a couple classes that were for 9th grade.  This year she has been amazing! All A's in all her classes, GPA of 4.0, was in an awesome Marching Band. She was told if she wanted she could possibly graduate a year early (which would actually be 2 years early) We joke about it cause that means technically she would graduate before her brother (E comes before N)  lol.
I love her so much!  I know this was a bit over board on the PROUD MOMMA post but hey I am allowed.

Monday, May 23, 2011


This will be one of two posts that I will share about Emalee this week.  This first one is about her last concert.  She has just amazed me.  See she is in the 8th grade yet made it in the symphonic band, and stayed there all year.  She is hoping for wind ensemble next year.  She has been playing the clarinet since 5th grade and has gotten better and better every year.  I love hearing her play.  She was also in the marching band and wowed me there too.  There is also some kudos to Mr. Werner who is just amazing himself.  All the time and hard work he puts into the band program it shows! band has grown by leaps and bounds.  I can't wait to see what all is in store for next year

Monday, May 16, 2011


So last October we decided WOULDN'T IT BE FUN TO HAVE SOME CHICKENS!  We went and got 6 of them, they were so small and cute.  We held them all the time and thought how cute and sweet they were.  Falling asleep right in the food or on each other.  Then December came and it got cold and they got bigger and we wondered where are we going to put them.  My Dad came to the rescue and got me a coup for my birthday.  We knew it was small for 6 but we thought oh they will get along and love each other and it will be ok.  Which brings me to February.  They turned on each other!  The pecking order was hard to watch see and hear!  It got to a point that we had to completely remove one from the coup.  We named her momma.  She had her own pen and loved it.  Then it happened another fell victim to the pecking order.  We learned that our lovely cute sweet chickens were VAMPIRES!  They smelled blood and would just not stop pecking!  So we took that one out and named her HI (hurt one, the I in her name is for roman number for 1) momma became like a puppy she just roamed the yard.  She would come to the door when you came outside it was cute.  So in our coup we have the triplets and meanie who loved to peck all the others.  They started laying eggs and it was wonderful.  Nothing like fresh eggs.  We love to share them to when we have way to many in our fridge. The beginning of May we knew we needed to make more room for them. We built a whole fenced in area and now HI and meanie and the triplets are in the fenced area, Momma however still just roams the yard and loves to be held.  We get at least 4 eggs a day sometimes 6 which is nice.  If you ever want to come and see them come on over.  (course let me clean the house first lol)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day

As you all know this Sunday is Mother's Day.  I know you all think or know that your mom is the best.  Well I have to add my Mom to the list of the Best Moms ever.  Here are a few pictures of me and my mom together.  In looking for these I realize I need to go and steal more from her.  So here is my TRIBUTE to my MOM.  ELAINE S STEWART!!!  The first photo is of my mom and my dad, I chose this one cause with out my dad too I would not be here.  Did you ever wondered if your parents love each other well I never did.  My parents through thick and thin never once let me think that they didn't love each other.  Their mass amounts of PDA at all occassions was a continual reminder of that love. This next photo is of me and mom at a halloween party in Korea.  I love this one for many reasons, once again the love my mom has for my dad cause she dressed in his clothes!  (lol) and the courage she had to move to another country with my dad when she had never really traveled till she met my dad and married him.  Picture 3 is me and mom and my brother Alan, (funny story he always thought we were twins growing up and that my parents kept us apart for a few years but this proves that wrong another lol) I love this cause at the time my dad was gone alot and my mom had to do everything, yet she still smiles.  Alright photo 4 is of me and mom during a summer trip here to Az notice the TAN! Ok if any of you know me from back in the day I had huge hair, I mean back east bigger than big can of hairspray a week hair!  And what I want you to notice in this photo is hhmmmmm doesn't my mom's look like it is big 80's hair???  I think this was the start of my big hair trust me it got a whole lot bigger (maybe one day I will show you)  Number 5 is of me and mom at my Seminary Graduation.  Yes I went to seminary all 4 years at 6 am (that is a nudge at my kids) and I walked both ways in the snow and at times up hill too!!  My mom never really pushed me to go but she helped me to go.  Ok last photo is me and mom on my wedding day.  The only thing that is not in this photo is my flowers cause she did them too (maybe another photo i will post one day) My mom made my dress.  I know how many moms do that?  (ok some of you are saying mine did mine did) She did the most amazing job it was all I wanted big bow on the back, poofy sleeves , the one thing I didn't like was the lace arms but she said I needed them ( I am sure some of you may know what I mean for, come to find out you don't they have things there for you). I also love this picture cause we are standing in front of the staute of Jesus Christ, my mom has been the greatest example of Christlike attributes and that I was being married in the same Temple as she was.  I love you MOM.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Monday, April 25, 2011


So I was sitting on the couch the other night and over heard my two older kids talking about Easter and how great it was the waking up and having baskets with candy and eggs in them.  Mind you I was sitting on the couch on Wednesday night hearing this.  So my mind went HOLY COW they love Easter? What am I going to do I have nothing, NOTHING! for them.  I thought I always can rely on the great lesson in the true meaning of Easter.  That Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, died on the cross and then was resurrected. What great knowledge that we have that the Atonement to help us through this life.  These stories I heard as a child always made me smile and made me happy, not the candy basket or the new dress.  So I decided nah I am just going to go with the true meaning of Easter this year!  BUT......then it happened Saturday morning the kids and I attended our annual WW SCOTT family Easter breakfast and the kids got their normal goody bag filled with much much more then they should ever have CANDY! In the truck again they went on and on about how great Easter is. Ok Ok Ok I get it!  So there I was in Wal-Mart with all the other last minute buyers getting things for their baskets.  Nothing major because my shoe string budget says there is no way your buying candy when it takes $90 to fill your SUV.  Dude reminded me that we had gotten the kids Harkins t-shirts (free popcorn for the rest of the year) and that I can use in my baskets.  All baskets filled and set out.  We woke from papers (which came late AGAIN) very late in the day and heard the kids happy with delight over their Easter Baskets.  We talked about the true meaning of Easter as jelly beans were popped into mouths.  I know my kids love Easter and the true meaning of it, this I am very grateful for.  Even if they like their candy a tiny bit more for now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beat the Blues...

I have been working for the last 17 years out side of my home.  I would have a child and then back to work, after Nikolas I got to stay home for about a year, which was good and bad my baby blues were BAD ok they were horrible.  And no one really knew what to do for me.  I also turned 30 and well for me that was a nasty time too.  So time has moved on and I have been working a lot I blogged about it before the detail of my Day (click here for refresher)  This past January we had a car break down, and I got to be home for about a week from work.  WOW my kids loved it, Dude I think liked it and my home liked me for it too.  We then decided after much prayer and talking that I needed to stay home on a more permanent basis.  SO after Valentine's Day I took the leap and have been working only one day at the flower shop.  It has been a hard adjustment. Yes hard.  I still feel like at 8pm I need to rush the kids to be so I can get sleep for paper time, this puts me in a frenzy.  The morning comes and I dread what all I need to get do for the day cause I have work the next (when actually I don't).  What has all this lead too, well I call it POST-WORK DEPRESSION.  It might not be an actual word but for me it is!  I find myself wanting to just lay in bed. My kids leave for school and I am in my PJ's and they get home I am still in my PJ's.  I get overwhelmed by the thoughts of all that needs to be done, no I am not wanting a Martha Stewart home, but wow a clean counter might be nice.  After much worrying about me Dude decided he would do what any husband can do for his her a piece of workout equipment!

So here it is.  It is called a Trikke.  Check out the website.  It takes a lot of work to get going.  Smooth roads are the best and hills well lets just say AVOID at all cost.  The first day I sat on couch and stared at it thinking "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING SHANA". So I found an app on my phone that can track my distance.  Downloaded and then clicked my Pandora radio selection (day one was FERGIE) and I was off.  It was omgosh hard I got going looked up and I was only to the park just by my home.  Holy Crapoly. I am never going to make it.  But I remember that getting a work out they say beats the blues!  So I kept going.  Though a lot of people I passed walking, running and even driving by me had to probably be thinking what the heck is that (meaning me lol not my trikke I am sure)  I kept going.  Pushing and  pushing.  I decided to head home it was to much my legs were shaky and so I turned around and headed home.  I got in my door and turned my traker off and HOLY COW I rode 2.09km....really over a mile I rode! NO WAY CAN IT REALLY BE THAT EASY!  Today was day 2 and I got up to 3.1km.  I started to think hey wait a minute people always talk about running a 5k.  I almost came close maybe by the end of the month I will have a 5k under my belt on a trikke that is.  So here is to beating the POST WORK BLUES!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 Month Run down....

I am going to try and sum up the last 6 months in one blog post.  I am still learning this new laptop and have much panic attackness when it comes to this.  But that is not what this is about.  (I am sure it will come up later).

First we have Nathan and Emalee's birthday. Nathan turned 15 and Emalee is 13.  Man they are growing up so fast.  A tiny side note so far Emalee being 13 is nothing like I was when I was 13.  Which is a good thing.  Nathan is closer and closer to driving....I know seriously DRIVING!!! 

Since the 8th graders went to the middle school this year Emalee get to be in the Marching Band.  I have to say about this I am terribly excited and so proud.  Her band has improved just over this one season.  they were entered in the Queen Creek parade and they impressed the judges and got top ratings.  I love watching her, it reminds me of when I was in marching band.  I guess it would have been smart to have a pic of this so maybe later in another blog.  

I know your thinking am I really seeing what I am seeing and the answer is yes you are.  They are chickens, 6 to be exact.  As you can tell they were super cute when we first got them that they are big and well mean to.  Once they started laying they have become a pecking nightmare.  It freaks me out.  I worry about them all the time so now we have had to split them up.  Again with my COD problems and panic attacks and anxiety issues I am always worrying. We have 4 in the coup and 1 in a cage and then 1 who just roams the yard.  We have named her momma, she is the nicest she lets you hold her she follows me all over the yard.  She is like a puppy which is kind of funny.  We are getting about 5 eggs a day, so I hope some of you like eggs cause I am going to start running out of room in my fridge.  I like sharing so I will!!

Evening of Excellence....the YW leaders got dresses for all the girls and they all looked amazing. A special thanks to Tracie Halliday for getting a dress for Emalee and doing her hair.  I think they said it took 40 bobby pins. Price of beauty!  

Yes I am 38, wow hard to believe that one too.  My family took me to Texas Roadhouse along with my sister Toni, brother Chuck and parents.  As many of you know when it is your birthday there you have to sit on the saddle and look like your having the time of your life.  Well not only did I do this feat but my sister (whom I love dearly) decided to get the balloon man to make me a crown with 38 on it.  I wore it the entire dinner.  
Nikolas is now in the Boy Scouts of America.  He earned his scout badge.  We are very happy for him.  Nathan is working to get his Eagle and Dude got his back in the day, so to have our boys get it too would be awesome.  
As many of you know I am a floral designer. I work at Crismon's flowers.  I love my job, but after the last many few years I have become burned out.  I also throw news papers with Dude.  So after much praying and talking with Dude we decided I could take a step back and stay home alot more often.  I am enjoying being home, some say I will get bored and will run out of things to do but you know what if that happens I am ok with it.  I would like to keep doing flowers, maybe finally start that shop on my own one day.  
Well that is lot of the past 6 months, I am sure there is so much more that I could have put in but for this post that is all.  I will try, no I will keep up with this and you all will LOVE IT!  (kidding)