Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 Month Run down....

I am going to try and sum up the last 6 months in one blog post.  I am still learning this new laptop and have much panic attackness when it comes to this.  But that is not what this is about.  (I am sure it will come up later).

First we have Nathan and Emalee's birthday. Nathan turned 15 and Emalee is 13.  Man they are growing up so fast.  A tiny side note so far Emalee being 13 is nothing like I was when I was 13.  Which is a good thing.  Nathan is closer and closer to driving....I know seriously DRIVING!!! 

Since the 8th graders went to the middle school this year Emalee get to be in the Marching Band.  I have to say about this I am terribly excited and so proud.  Her band has improved just over this one season.  they were entered in the Queen Creek parade and they impressed the judges and got top ratings.  I love watching her, it reminds me of when I was in marching band.  I guess it would have been smart to have a pic of this so maybe later in another blog.  

I know your thinking am I really seeing what I am seeing and the answer is yes you are.  They are chickens, 6 to be exact.  As you can tell they were super cute when we first got them that is....now they are big and well mean to.  Once they started laying they have become a pecking nightmare.  It freaks me out.  I worry about them all the time so now we have had to split them up.  Again with my COD problems and panic attacks and anxiety issues I am always worrying. We have 4 in the coup and 1 in a cage and then 1 who just roams the yard.  We have named her momma, she is the nicest she lets you hold her she follows me all over the yard.  She is like a puppy which is kind of funny.  We are getting about 5 eggs a day, so I hope some of you like eggs cause I am going to start running out of room in my fridge.  I like sharing so I will!!

Evening of Excellence....the YW leaders got dresses for all the girls and they all looked amazing. A special thanks to Tracie Halliday for getting a dress for Emalee and doing her hair.  I think they said it took 40 bobby pins. Price of beauty!  

Yes I am 38, wow hard to believe that one too.  My family took me to Texas Roadhouse along with my sister Toni, brother Chuck and parents.  As many of you know when it is your birthday there you have to sit on the saddle and look like your having the time of your life.  Well not only did I do this feat but my sister (whom I love dearly) decided to get the balloon man to make me a crown with 38 on it.  I wore it the entire dinner.  
Nikolas is now in the Boy Scouts of America.  He earned his scout badge.  We are very happy for him.  Nathan is working to get his Eagle and Dude got his back in the day, so to have our boys get it too would be awesome.  
As many of you know I am a floral designer. I work at Crismon's flowers.  I love my job, but after the last many few years I have become burned out.  I also throw news papers with Dude.  So after much praying and talking with Dude we decided I could take a step back and stay home alot more often.  I am enjoying being home, some say I will get bored and will run out of things to do but you know what if that happens I am ok with it.  I would like to keep doing flowers, maybe finally start that shop on my own one day.  
Well that is lot of the past 6 months, I am sure there is so much more that I could have put in but for this post that is all.  I will try, no I will keep up with this and you all will LOVE IT!  (kidding)

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