Sunday, January 3, 2010

End of the year......Why am I tired!

December always seems to be such a busy time for me.  I am in a constant state of telling people when they see me and ask me how I am doing I rattle off the same answer I have had for about 8 years.  I AM STILL ALIVE AND TIRED!!!!  Tired really always???  Well actually yes.  I hate that I am tired all the time.  But when you look at my life it might answer why I am tired.  I am not telling you all this so you will start to think oh poor Shana.  I am putting it to this post so I too can learn from it and hopefully fix it.  Cause I am tired of being tired.  SO I will start you off with my day.  It starts at 12:20 am in the morning folks.  I drive from my home in Queen Creek to Mesa, about 20 miles, I arrive at 1:05ish at the Az Republic DC to stuff and fold papers to be deliver.  I leave the DC at hopefully 2:30  I drive to a retirement community (sunland springs if any of you want a nice place to live when your older this would be a great pick, no I am not being paid for that lol)  I get to the community at 2:50.  During the winter it takes me about 45 minutes to deliver about 410 papers.  (dude does this too but this is not about him its about me right now, want to know his you will have to ask him lol) So lets see that puts me at about 4ish for being done.  Then I drive back home and let my dogs out for a early morning pee break and then clean anything in the kitchen that I forgot the night before or clothes into the washer or dryer that my kids might have forgotten and will be need for school in the morning.  Then I crawl in to bed by I hope 4:30-4:45.  Then I drift off to sleep.  I am then up at 7:30 to make sure my older 2 are up and moving (they are pretty good about getting themselves up which is nice) then they are out the door by 8 and I am in shower and getting ready.  By 8:20 I am waking my youngest for school.  He gets ready while I finish my hair and stuff.  We are out the door by 8:50.  I drop him off and I am out on Ironwood with the crowds of people by 9.  I drive even further into Mesa for my regular job at   Crismon's Flowers.  I try to be there by 9:30 ( i know what your thinking I must drive fast and the answer to that is YES, YES I DO!)  I work till 4 on a normal day (holidays are a whole other story or blog in this case) But lets stick with the normal for now.  I try to be out the door and on the road by 4:15.  Then I drive with all the thousands of others back to Queen Creek.  I get home around 5:30 (i drive a bit slower on drive home give me time to relax).  I walk in the door and it is time for my next hat the "MOMMY" one.  I check with all the kids and see what homework needs to be done and then by 6 I am on to dinner.  Usually I have an idea of what I will be making.  So eat and more homework.  Then by 7 I am cleaning the kitchen and trying to sit and watch a tiny bit of tv if possible.  And then it happens it is 8pm!!! Time for bed.  I push the kids to bed cause I need to be in bed by 8:30 or I get cranky.  I fall a sleep by I think 9.  Then it comes 12:20 and I am back up again!!!  Soooo Why do I always answer I AM ALIVE AND TIRED.  I think I know why now.  Again remember my disclaimer, this was really for me not to brag or anything else.  I am most certain that all of you are just at busy as me. 
It was also Christmas this month and it was a blessed one for my family.  We decided to stay home and if people wanted to see us they had to come to us.  It was soooo nice.  No rushing.  Kids got alot of what they wanted.  I did too and so did Dude.  (aka aaron).  In fact me and dude gave each other a few duplicate gifts.  lol to funny.  Next day was my BIRTHDAY!  I turned 37.  I used to say 29 for the whatever time is was but I have come to the conclusion accecpt it doesn't mean I am dead just older,  and my son's friends think I am 16 any way lol.  I think I am looking forward to 40 shhhh don't tell.  I have had a hard time with living in the 30's as many of you know.  I am ready to leave them behind and fast.  I will post pictures for you of christmas when I get them off my phone.  I have no camera any more.  SAD I know.  Wow I think I went a bit over board on this post, if you took time to read it all thanks. 
My  New Year retry is to be better about keeping up on this blogging thing. 
takecareyou all! I love you

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