Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beat the Blues...

I have been working for the last 17 years out side of my home.  I would have a child and then back to work, after Nikolas I got to stay home for about a year, which was good and bad my baby blues were BAD ok they were horrible.  And no one really knew what to do for me.  I also turned 30 and well for me that was a nasty time too.  So time has moved on and I have been working a lot I blogged about it before the detail of my Day (click here for refresher)  This past January we had a car break down, and I got to be home for about a week from work.  WOW my kids loved it, Dude I think liked it and my home liked me for it too.  We then decided after much prayer and talking that I needed to stay home on a more permanent basis.  SO after Valentine's Day I took the leap and have been working only one day at the flower shop.  It has been a hard adjustment. Yes hard.  I still feel like at 8pm I need to rush the kids to be so I can get sleep for paper time, this puts me in a frenzy.  The morning comes and I dread what all I need to get do for the day cause I have work the next (when actually I don't).  What has all this lead too, well I call it POST-WORK DEPRESSION.  It might not be an actual word but for me it is!  I find myself wanting to just lay in bed. My kids leave for school and I am in my PJ's and they get home I am still in my PJ's.  I get overwhelmed by the thoughts of all that needs to be done, no I am not wanting a Martha Stewart home, but wow a clean counter might be nice.  After much worrying about me Dude decided he would do what any husband can do for his wife.....buy her a piece of workout equipment!

So here it is.  It is called a Trikke.  Check out the website.  It takes a lot of work to get going.  Smooth roads are the best and hills well lets just say AVOID at all cost.  The first day I sat on couch and stared at it thinking "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING SHANA". So I found an app on my phone that can track my distance.  Downloaded and then clicked my Pandora radio selection (day one was FERGIE) and I was off.  It was omgosh hard I got going looked up and I was only to the park just by my home.  Holy Crapoly. I am never going to make it.  But I remember that getting a work out they say beats the blues!  So I kept going.  Though a lot of people I passed walking, running and even driving by me had to probably be thinking what the heck is that (meaning me lol not my trikke I am sure)  I kept going.  Pushing and  pushing.  I decided to head home it was to much my legs were shaky and so I turned around and headed home.  I got in my door and turned my traker off and HOLY COW I rode 2.09km....really over a mile I rode! NO WAY CAN IT REALLY BE THAT EASY!  Today was day 2 and I got up to 3.1km.  I started to think hey wait a minute people always talk about running a 5k.  I almost came close maybe by the end of the month I will have a 5k under my belt on a trikke that is.  So here is to beating the POST WORK BLUES!!!

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Johnson said...

All I can think about is trying to jog away my blues lately. I'm so glad you are doing that on a trikke. I've never heard or seen one before. I can't wait to see you go!!