Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nikolas turned 12!

When did this happen and how did this happen??  I know I am getting old and now I have more proof for you!  My baby turned 12 July 25.  Holy Schnikies how could this be.  To make it even more pain on my part he is taller than me too.  Again I know what your saying (I know I am short).  I took him to get a new pair of shoes cause the 61/2 were about dead, and he kept telling me how they were to small.  We got to the store I decided to have the lady check his size cause I was pretty sure he only needed to maybe go up to a size 71/2.  When she looked up at me and said he is measuring almost 81/2 but should probably wear a 9 to get the most comfort, I caught my eyes from popping out of my head and then my feet coming out from under me.  9 are you sure I mean come on!!!  So I went over to the 9's and began pointing out shoes.  Nikolas decided on a pair, I was still not believing he was ready for this size so I did what any sane mommy would do, I said lift your toe and I put my thumb at the top and what'll ya know it moved my thumb.  WOW,  ARE YOU KIDDING ME and OMGOODNESS!!!  He smiled at me and said "Mom I told you my other shoes were to small".  I love that my kids are going up but sad that they aren't small anymore either.  I can handle this I know I can.  I may be smaller then all of them but as Bill Cosby has said "I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD AND I CAN TAKE YOU OUT".

He is trying to look all tough in this picture, to cool for smiling!

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