Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thank heavens for Little Girls...

Remember the movie GIGI!
and that oh so cute and endearing song.....
Thank heavens, thank heavens, thank heavens for little girls!
16 years ago I thought that very thought.
My "Eminems" was born.  She was so beautiful and perfect.
The day she was born was the episode of the show "Mad about You" when they 
name their daughter Mabel, we went with Emalee.  
I choose to spell it the way I did leaving off the other M cause I didn't want her to go by EMMA.
I know you may think I don't look happy in this but I was just really tired.  This was our third trip to the hospital too.  Dude told the nurse when we go there that this time we weren't leaving!  
We knew she was going to be a girl and were so very excited.
This was the day of her blessing.  She was given the name Emalee Marie.  We called her "peaches" for the longest time cause she was so well peach compared to her brother Bugs.  Then as time went on we started to call her Eminems, yes I know it is the spelling for the rapper but she didn't like the candy version of spelling it, and we say it with an "s" on the end.  

My wonderful SIL, I call her TexasRose (phone list contact), and her mother gave me a baby shower for her.  It was so helpful cause I had nothing girlie even though we knew she was going to be a girl.  
This is 4 generations...my great grandma, my mom, me and my grandma

This is Eminem's the 4 generations....
grandma (my mom,) mom (me), Eminems, and great grandma (my grandma)
hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.
 Happy birthday Eminems! I love you so much and very proud of you!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Today was the day that 18 years ago 
I became a Mommy for the first time!
That's right BUGS turned 18 today. 
Me and Dude were so young back then.  
Thank goodness Bugs was 
a great baby cause we were so nervous! 

We always get the kids a early morning cake and a gift for just them to enjoy.
We started doing it when we took on the paper route.  
It was easy cause we just picked it up on the way home and left it out 
for them for when they woke up!  I remember one year we 
didn't/forgot and the kids were upest, and rightly so.  
Every one wants their cake right.

Well it so happens that I thougth it would be fun to change it up a bit. 
So I got 1 long john and 2 rounds, and TAADAA I have the #18!

It must have been a hit cause I was even hash tagged 
by Bugs on his Facebook and InstaGram. 
It was wonderfuland amazing
It is a tiny bit sad cause I am another day closer to seeing my son 
leave on his mission for our church but I am excited all the same/
I know he will make an great missionary.  

Happy 18th Birthday Bugs!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 1

      Ever heard or seen any of these phrases...


how about

 this one?

Yes all of these are ROCKIN'
but here is 
the best pic in this post.....
Yup it's me.  I am on day 1 of doing the C25K.  I am pretty sure it means "couch to 5 k".  It is an app on my iPhone.  It was free if you want to try it.  I like it because it talks to me.  It tells me when to run and when to walk.  I need this kind of help cause for one I know I can't run and count to 60 at the same time and also listen to music.  I am a blonde you know!!
Deep breath......

Any way the main reason I am starting this is because 
I suffer from depression/anxiety/panic attakcs.  
I know you maybe thinking "What YOU?" or maybe you are thinking "At least she is finally seeing what I have seen for a while now" At times I am unable to even get out of bed and I sleep for 18+hours.  
It affects my family, my house and well me!  I have always heard that running is great therapy and I long to be the me I was so long ago that didn't have this hiccup.  I have tried therapy to and I loved it.  It helped with a lot of things but other things it just wasn't for me.  I have tired medications too.  They helped sort of, but I felt more out of sorts than anything.  
So I stopped the therapy and medications 
and have turned to my feet for help. 
I would rather walk/run ALONE but my wonderful daughter has offered to go with me.  She is such an anchor in my crazy life which is good.  
We laugh and beg for it to be over at the same times and we push each other to keep going too.  

So I hope you all enjoy seeing my trails through all this walking/running that I plan on doing.  
Heres to beating depression and getting my sexy back!

I have also added a button to my blog it is for bloglovin'
it is a quick and easy way to keep track of all 
the blogs you love to read.  
So please feel free to click that cute little button and follow me
(you can have bloglovin on your computer or your smartphone)

Friday, September 13, 2013


Nikolas turned 14 this past July. He is the youngest and the tallest. 

I call him gigantor cause compared to me well he is!  That's me standing flat footed behind him. I love this boy so much. He can push my buttons and drive me insane with always saying "Hi Mom" when ever I walk by him in the house. He is a great kid. Always thinking in the what if this or what if that mode, another thing that drives me crazy too.  

This last month we were able to get his teeth taken care of. He had a front tooth that was not straight from an accident he had with a skateboard about 6 years ago. It also got a cavity in it. So was black and bent as Nik would say. But now...
He can smile all day long, and he does. He looks great. 
The dentist did an amazing job.  

So my baby is growing up and doing great. I am a blessed mom.   
And yes in my phone he has a nickname is it "bugaboo". 
He has had it since he was little. 
So happy birthday Bugaboo, I love you!!! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mush of stuff...Famous time?

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.  Here are a few of them in no certain order.  How life is not always what I want.  Why can't picutes take themselves.  Do I put to much on my Instagram? Is Facebook still my friend? What on Pinterest have I not found? And the biggest question of all...If I blogged more could I become FAMOUS?

Yes famous...there are so many blogs that I just look forward to reading (sometimes more than once a day).  I was talking to my friend, I need to give her a nickname cause that's what I like to do (all my contacts in my phone have nicknames), about how I wished I blogged more and that is would be a blog that people loved reading and followed too.  I wondered if I put one post a day would people like hearing from me? Would they want to hear what I have thought about for the day.  Or what I cooked? Or pictures I snapped? Or how my dog is doing? Most of the blogs I love are full of stuff but what I love the most is they keep it so simple.  Sure some can have a long post here and there but for the most part they are pure and simple.  Which we all need right.

I thought this blog would be about my kids something for them to look back on as a sort of updated version of a scrapbook (which I tried to do but always epically failed at).  However the more I have thougth about it I realize it doesn't always have to be about them...Right!  
I can blog about... get this... ME too!!

So in my attempt to become a famous blogging person if you're reading this (which I am so glad you are) maybe let others know about it.  Be one of the first that can say I knew her at the begining.  Just kidding don't say anything like that at all.  It will just make me embarresed and well I have been doing this blog for a few years now so it really isn't the beginning.