Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wow 20 years ago... REALLY???

So yesterday I took the two older boys to get their schedules for this coming school year.
And it got me thinking...holy heck
 June 23, 1991 I graduated from ROME FREE ACADEMY. 
I lived in Rome, Ny and went to most oldest school I ever thought.  It has been around since Smuckers Jam was created!  Look it up you will be amazed!  Any way I liked school sure.  I wasn't the smartest by any means but I did ok.  I was in Marching Band and loved that.  (and my Emalee is now in marching band too).  I had alot of friends (most of them are on my Friends now too on Facebook!) during my senior year it was these 2 ladies who I hung out the most with.
Kristie S. is in the middle and Courtney C is on the end.  They were the best!
Kristie has gone on to be a teacher herself and I know she is incredible at it! Courtney passed away from Cancer a few years back.  (I miss her).
I also graduated from Seminary.  It was a hard 4 years for me.  I am not a morning person by any means and yes I walked through the rain and snow to get there and sometimes up hill both ways!
This is Sister Bell and also my brother Alan. Sister B was great she taught my last 2 years of seminary, I also had Sister Ahrens and Sister Ditman as teachers both were great too.  
So now with 3 of my kids being in high school, I hope they have the great times like I had and can get to the end and graduate with a smile on their face like I had 20 years ago!!


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