Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Girl

It happened Emalee finally had her birthday. We get the kids a small cake and gift that is put in their room that they get to wake up to. They totally love it, one year we didn't do it and they went on and on about how they missed it. So we are back to doing it. We then have a regular cake that evening with presents. I have to say when it comes to giving gifts and having money as some of you know it is hard. But my kids always amaze me that even when it is just one gift they are happy and grafteful for the gift. Where in my head and heart I wish I could give them more. So any way this weekend we are having a "LEARN TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS" party. Yup can you stand it, it is now that time. Will let you know how it goes HAHAHA!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New week

Last week was eventful to a point. Our eldest became a teenager! It is still hard to believe. This week we take on Emalee turning 11, which the way she is acting is more like the "evil" 13. She is defiantly what my mom and any one else that cursed me with "I HOPE YOU HAVE ONE JUST LIKE YOU" . Only she is supersmart, and is caring when she wants to be, but also does exactly what I ask her not to do. I am learning to roll with the rolling of the eyes. Aaron got a call from a company called INSIGHT we are keeping our finger crossed. Maybe this is the one that will lead us away from the paper throwing business. After 6 long years it is time to be done I hope. Have a wonderful day everyone. TAKECAREYOU

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday time

Ok today was Nathan's 13th birthday. I know a TEENAGER!!!!!! I think I am more ready for this than when he learned how to crawl. lol The other pic is of Nikolas on his 9th birthday from back on July 25th. We dared him to put his face in the cake. Nathan didn't have a birthday cake he is a bit different he loves Pumpkin pie that he gets his grandma Stewart to make him 4 years running now I think. Next is Emalee's will post pics for ya'll to see in a week.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I am not sure how you get to show people you know on here if any one knows can you let me know....thanks. Today I have to vent.......(long deep breath..........)I ordered dsl for our home last monday and decided to use Qwest. UGH!!! Sure I am online now but omgosh what hoopes I had to jump through to get it. Being told oh you are all set to be online friday and then friday came and nothing from Ups. HMM make a phone call and then get lied too. Straight up lied to. Told you should have the modem here is the tracking number. Well with my beloved Blackberry Pearl which the qwest helper must not have known I had I tracked my number and wow to my shock it was not to be delivered till today monday! So another call to explain the lie and got what??? you may ask...yes another lie. So here it is Monday and after waiting all day my modem showed up. So we all were excited waiting standing around Aaron asking over and over are we on, are we on? NOTHING!! So another call and this one told us that nope we can't get on till probably tomorrow the tech was over loaded! OMgosh I was besides myself wondering if I would ever get the stupid thing to work. And after talking to techs and managers you would have thought we would have gotten something in return but no we got a call then he pretened to loose the connection and hung up on us. AND NEVER CALLED BACK. Guess I take matters into my own hands....Aaron was the good cop and now I get to be the BAD COP! will keep you up on this drama.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just want to let everyone know that I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!
Hard to believe this ever had to become a day that the world stood still. I remember sitting on the couch with Nathan who was 4 at the time and trying not to cry in front of him. Then the second tower was hit as we both watched and Nathan asking me "Mommy is that building going to fall now?" It was the hardest thing to watch yet I was glued to the TV for the longest time. I support the troops and all that they do. I love this country with all my heart and will stand up when ever I am called upon. I love my father for serving this country and all that he showed me as an example as a military person. YES I am an AIR FORCE BRAT!!! and I am proud of it! I am upset when I hear people talk down about our country. TO all those people I say don't let the door hit you on the ASSET!! when leaving this great nation. They should go to a place that doesn't let you drive across a beautiful country with out papers that say you can. Or go live in a city that has a wall around it. That if you walk to close to it you would be shot! Or a country that wont let you worship the way you want! Please go there and tell me how you like it better than here! GOD BLESS AMERICAN AND THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL WHO KEEP US SAFE!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET!!!