Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 25, 2008. We have alot to be very grateful for. This year have been a busy and stressful one. From kids growing by leaps and bounds to cars breaking down, to having to buy a new truck, to loosing a job, but still having other jobs to rely on. Wow we have been around the block! Santa came to our home while we were delivering papers. Yup we all loaded in the car and met Aaron and delivered in the rain. When we got home the kids were exhusted but I was sure they would want to see if Santa came, but nope everyone went right to bed. That was at 4:30 then a little later at 8:30 the kids slowly woke up. Nik was first! We all were ready and Aaron went in the front room turned on the lights and the kids took off. It was a blast to see all the excitement from them. We went to Aaron's mom and dads first to have lunch. Then Aaron had to be to work so he left and me and the kids played a few games and then headed to my mom and dad's. While driving it started to pour rain like you couldnt see in front of you rain. But we made it there. Spent a few hours with them we called Alan and his family they were in the middle of dinner so he was going to call back. Toni had been by earlier and Chuck had to work to so go home about 5:30. We had his name this year and he had ours so we waited for him to open his gifts and then I was done for the day. It was 6ish and living in Queen Creek you have to plan a 45 minute drive to get home. So off we went. We had a blessed day of joy and love. We hope you all had the same!
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As many of you know it was my birthday December 26. And Yes I am feeling my age more and more every day. My family got me the cutest cake it was a Tinkerbell one and some of my favorite perfume VERY SEXY and a pair of CROCS. Let me explain I thought they were the ugliest things ever. Back when I saw them on Oprah when Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw pick her up a pair at the grocery store. I have since then have become a reformed CROC hater. I love them! They are sooooo comfortable. If I had enough money I would buy a pair for all of you. My first pair are pink and have a warm fuzzy liner. My last days of work before christmas my legs were killing me. So we went and got a pair and it was heaven. So here is to being a year older and some what wiser.
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Monday, December 1, 2008

What a weekend......Thanksgiving was great. I didn't have to cook a sinlge thing! Aaron and I went in to papers Wednesday night at 11pm and stuffed that huge paper and loaded it all in the expedition. And among all that it rained and rained and did I mention RAINED!!! 700 papers doubled bagged and weighed 5 lbs each. Ok I am complaining when I am suppose to be giving thanks,.,,,, ok rewind. I am so thankful that I didn't have to cook, and just got to visit family. We went to Grandma Ray's home first. She is a delight to visit. The kids remember Grandpa Ray and always make sure to let us know that they miss him too. After that visit we were off to my mom's. It was a bit quieter there since Alan and Mellanie are gone, not that they are noisy but their kids and my kids together are. I am sure Grandma and Grandpa get a sigh of relief when we all leave. lol. It was nice to see Grandma and Grandpa Walkerman (aka Scott) (cute story why we call them that if you want to know I will tell you). We talked with Grandpa about buying 1/3 of a cow. We have had this idea to buy meat in bulk and freeze it. Part of being self sufficient. We also talked about getting chickens. If our HOA only knew lol we just have to call them pets and we can have them. lol Before we headed home Mom called Alan and Mellanie to wish them a happy thanksgiving, we really miss them alot. Didn't think it would be as hard as it is having them gone ( oh my gosh i am crying boy am i a lush) Ok ok ok enough of that. So now we are on to Christmas. Boy I hope I make it through all this. Hope you all had a great holiday. love to you all.