Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day

As you all know this Sunday is Mother's Day.  I know you all think or know that your mom is the best.  Well I have to add my Mom to the list of the Best Moms ever.  Here are a few pictures of me and my mom together.  In looking for these I realize I need to go and steal more from her.  So here is my TRIBUTE to my MOM.  ELAINE S STEWART!!!  The first photo is of my mom and my dad, I chose this one cause with out my dad too I would not be here.  Did you ever wondered if your parents love each other well I never did.  My parents through thick and thin never once let me think that they didn't love each other.  Their mass amounts of PDA at all occassions was a continual reminder of that love. This next photo is of me and mom at a halloween party in Korea.  I love this one for many reasons, once again the love my mom has for my dad cause she dressed in his clothes!  (lol) and the courage she had to move to another country with my dad when she had never really traveled till she met my dad and married him.  Picture 3 is me and mom and my brother Alan, (funny story he always thought we were twins growing up and that my parents kept us apart for a few years but this proves that wrong another lol) I love this cause at the time my dad was gone alot and my mom had to do everything, yet she still smiles.  Alright photo 4 is of me and mom during a summer trip here to Az notice the TAN! Ok if any of you know me from back in the day I had huge hair, I mean back east bigger than big can of hairspray a week hair!  And what I want you to notice in this photo is hhmmmmm doesn't my mom's look like it is big 80's hair???  I think this was the start of my big hair trust me it got a whole lot bigger (maybe one day I will show you)  Number 5 is of me and mom at my Seminary Graduation.  Yes I went to seminary all 4 years at 6 am (that is a nudge at my kids) and I walked both ways in the snow and at times up hill too!!  My mom never really pushed me to go but she helped me to go.  Ok last photo is me and mom on my wedding day.  The only thing that is not in this photo is my flowers cause she did them too (maybe another photo i will post one day) My mom made my dress.  I know how many moms do that?  (ok some of you are saying mine did mine did) She did the most amazing job it was all I wanted big bow on the back, poofy sleeves , the one thing I didn't like was the lace arms but she said I needed them ( I am sure some of you may know what I mean for, come to find out you don't they have things there for you). I also love this picture cause we are standing in front of the staute of Jesus Christ, my mom has been the greatest example of Christlike attributes and that I was being married in the same Temple as she was.  I love you MOM.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

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