Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the LAMEST post EVER!

I have been reading blogs all day and thinking to myself, 
"Why can't I be that creative".  There are times sure that I pull out something amazing but lately I am just not feeling it.  I was told when I quit working the flower shop that I would miss making arrangements and the creative feel, I told them no way.  
Being home was what I wanted more than anything.  So are you now saying 
"Shana do you feel different now?"  the answer is actually NO!  
I love being home and it is at home that I want to now be creative.  But here is what I am finding out.  It takes $$ to be creative, when I was working I was creating with in an essences other people's money, now at home it is my money.  
And people let's face it my money is well scarce.  
But I have seen a few things today on blogs that I think I can make with out having to go and shop even though I would love love love to go shop.  
(i would love a glue gun cause I could really use one of those but I have a glue pot so I hope that works as well)
Here is to the lamest post I think I have done in my blogging life and the promise to start getting creative at home!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hairy legs or Razor burn??

So I was getting ready for church Sunday and realized "OH MY I NEED TO SHAVE MY LEGS"  I looked at my shaver and thought to myself, hhmmm how old is this?  Oh well what needs to be done needs to be done.  Shower finished and getting dress then lotion on the clean legs.  Holy Heckers.....I cried out it burns it burns.  I then realized that shaver I wondered how old it was.....was incredibly OLD!  I still have pain. I have forgone the need to have pics to post for this cause I know all the ladies know what I am talking about.  I know this is a sad and even pathetic post but I needed to get it out there.