Monday, May 16, 2011


So last October we decided WOULDN'T IT BE FUN TO HAVE SOME CHICKENS!  We went and got 6 of them, they were so small and cute.  We held them all the time and thought how cute and sweet they were.  Falling asleep right in the food or on each other.  Then December came and it got cold and they got bigger and we wondered where are we going to put them.  My Dad came to the rescue and got me a coup for my birthday.  We knew it was small for 6 but we thought oh they will get along and love each other and it will be ok.  Which brings me to February.  They turned on each other!  The pecking order was hard to watch see and hear!  It got to a point that we had to completely remove one from the coup.  We named her momma.  She had her own pen and loved it.  Then it happened another fell victim to the pecking order.  We learned that our lovely cute sweet chickens were VAMPIRES!  They smelled blood and would just not stop pecking!  So we took that one out and named her HI (hurt one, the I in her name is for roman number for 1) momma became like a puppy she just roamed the yard.  She would come to the door when you came outside it was cute.  So in our coup we have the triplets and meanie who loved to peck all the others.  They started laying eggs and it was wonderful.  Nothing like fresh eggs.  We love to share them to when we have way to many in our fridge. The beginning of May we knew we needed to make more room for them. We built a whole fenced in area and now HI and meanie and the triplets are in the fenced area, Momma however still just roams the yard and loves to be held.  We get at least 4 eggs a day sometimes 6 which is nice.  If you ever want to come and see them come on over.  (course let me clean the house first lol)

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