Monday, April 25, 2011


So I was sitting on the couch the other night and over heard my two older kids talking about Easter and how great it was the waking up and having baskets with candy and eggs in them.  Mind you I was sitting on the couch on Wednesday night hearing this.  So my mind went HOLY COW they love Easter? What am I going to do I have nothing, NOTHING! for them.  I thought I always can rely on the great lesson in the true meaning of Easter.  That Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, died on the cross and then was resurrected. What great knowledge that we have that the Atonement to help us through this life.  These stories I heard as a child always made me smile and made me happy, not the candy basket or the new dress.  So I decided nah I am just going to go with the true meaning of Easter this year!  BUT......then it happened Saturday morning the kids and I attended our annual WW SCOTT family Easter breakfast and the kids got their normal goody bag filled with much much more then they should ever have CANDY! In the truck again they went on and on about how great Easter is. Ok Ok Ok I get it!  So there I was in Wal-Mart with all the other last minute buyers getting things for their baskets.  Nothing major because my shoe string budget says there is no way your buying candy when it takes $90 to fill your SUV.  Dude reminded me that we had gotten the kids Harkins t-shirts (free popcorn for the rest of the year) and that I can use in my baskets.  All baskets filled and set out.  We woke from papers (which came late AGAIN) very late in the day and heard the kids happy with delight over their Easter Baskets.  We talked about the true meaning of Easter as jelly beans were popped into mouths.  I know my kids love Easter and the true meaning of it, this I am very grateful for.  Even if they like their candy a tiny bit more for now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beat the Blues...

I have been working for the last 17 years out side of my home.  I would have a child and then back to work, after Nikolas I got to stay home for about a year, which was good and bad my baby blues were BAD ok they were horrible.  And no one really knew what to do for me.  I also turned 30 and well for me that was a nasty time too.  So time has moved on and I have been working a lot I blogged about it before the detail of my Day (click here for refresher)  This past January we had a car break down, and I got to be home for about a week from work.  WOW my kids loved it, Dude I think liked it and my home liked me for it too.  We then decided after much prayer and talking that I needed to stay home on a more permanent basis.  SO after Valentine's Day I took the leap and have been working only one day at the flower shop.  It has been a hard adjustment. Yes hard.  I still feel like at 8pm I need to rush the kids to be so I can get sleep for paper time, this puts me in a frenzy.  The morning comes and I dread what all I need to get do for the day cause I have work the next (when actually I don't).  What has all this lead too, well I call it POST-WORK DEPRESSION.  It might not be an actual word but for me it is!  I find myself wanting to just lay in bed. My kids leave for school and I am in my PJ's and they get home I am still in my PJ's.  I get overwhelmed by the thoughts of all that needs to be done, no I am not wanting a Martha Stewart home, but wow a clean counter might be nice.  After much worrying about me Dude decided he would do what any husband can do for his her a piece of workout equipment!

So here it is.  It is called a Trikke.  Check out the website.  It takes a lot of work to get going.  Smooth roads are the best and hills well lets just say AVOID at all cost.  The first day I sat on couch and stared at it thinking "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING SHANA". So I found an app on my phone that can track my distance.  Downloaded and then clicked my Pandora radio selection (day one was FERGIE) and I was off.  It was omgosh hard I got going looked up and I was only to the park just by my home.  Holy Crapoly. I am never going to make it.  But I remember that getting a work out they say beats the blues!  So I kept going.  Though a lot of people I passed walking, running and even driving by me had to probably be thinking what the heck is that (meaning me lol not my trikke I am sure)  I kept going.  Pushing and  pushing.  I decided to head home it was to much my legs were shaky and so I turned around and headed home.  I got in my door and turned my traker off and HOLY COW I rode 2.09km....really over a mile I rode! NO WAY CAN IT REALLY BE THAT EASY!  Today was day 2 and I got up to 3.1km.  I started to think hey wait a minute people always talk about running a 5k.  I almost came close maybe by the end of the month I will have a 5k under my belt on a trikke that is.  So here is to beating the POST WORK BLUES!!!