Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the LAMEST post EVER!

I have been reading blogs all day and thinking to myself, 
"Why can't I be that creative".  There are times sure that I pull out something amazing but lately I am just not feeling it.  I was told when I quit working the flower shop that I would miss making arrangements and the creative feel, I told them no way.  
Being home was what I wanted more than anything.  So are you now saying 
"Shana do you feel different now?"  the answer is actually NO!  
I love being home and it is at home that I want to now be creative.  But here is what I am finding out.  It takes $$ to be creative, when I was working I was creating with in an essences other people's money, now at home it is my money.  
And people let's face it my money is well scarce.  
But I have seen a few things today on blogs that I think I can make with out having to go and shop even though I would love love love to go shop.  
(i would love a glue gun cause I could really use one of those but I have a glue pot so I hope that works as well)
Here is to the lamest post I think I have done in my blogging life and the promise to start getting creative at home!

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Stacy said...

I understand that need to be creative.