Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have taken a break from all of our Disney holiday pictures to bring to you the Halloween posts.
We had to go the super cheap route for halloween with money being so tight. So I was walking through Wal-mart and saw these shirts that were the kind of cool. So Nate is our resident Vampire, Nikolas who is still in the disney mode is our pirate, and of course Emalee a sassy Devil. (more sassy than devil at least this week) hahaha.
I will be back to some more holiday pictures cause I still have Universal Studios, the Zoo and
Sea World to show all of you.

Happy Halloween

We carved our pumpkins

for Family

Home Evening

Nathan and Nikolas decided to do the

traditional scary faces while Emalee

did a fairy from the Tinker Bell


Monday, October 19, 2009

Mickey and Minnie

I was told that findng Mickey and Minnie and getting their autographs is one of the hardest things to do. Well we got lucky and found them both the first night we were there. They were outside the hat store. So while I was getting Nathan's ears for his birthday the other two got autographs. We also got a chance with Goofy. Nikolas and Dad took one with him the very first thing when we came in to the park, and then the kids found him again in California Adventure. Very exciting

California Adventure

Me and the kids decided to go on the
"SCREAM" roller coaster. Mom and dad sat it out. Nik wasn't so sure he wanted to go on it the first time so I sat next to him and we held hands. After it was over we went 3 more times. We learned where the camera was so we even posed for pictures
(if that is possible going as fast as we were). Dad even got us going in the loop. The giant candy corns were for the new theme of Halloween. We also rode Hollywood Tower Hotel aka tower of terror. I can't believe we missed taking picutres of it. Oh well guess we need to go back!!!

Small World

You can't go to Disneyland with out riding on the ever famous "Its a small world" ride. It was our last day and very hot so a chance to sit and cool off was very very nice. They added a few new ones that we noticed, Lilo and Stitch, Woody, Nemo, and Ariel. Sure it can be annoying to hear the song over and over but in reality it is really a fun ride and everyone was smiling the whole time,

I was excited to finally get all the letters this time. Last time we went to Disney I could only get the kids to do the first three letters.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jungle Cruise

This was on our last day the Indiana Jones ride was closed so we hopped into the Jungle Cruise. It was nice. Our tour guide was the same lady who was working the Tikki Room the day before. She was so funny. We had fun, since to sit too since you walk alot!!!

Splash Mountian

The funniest thing about this ride is that I decided I was not in the mood to get wet and neither was my Dad. When the others walked off to get in line, Dad said that he was going to stand in the shade. I stayed where I was so that I could see them come down to the big splash and maybe get a pic. Well all of a sudden I am seeing them come out of the tunnel and there is my Dad in the back of the group screaming on the way down. When they came out I asked Dad what happened thought you weren't riding, he said I wasn't but then all of a sudden I looked and I was in line and getting in for the ride. lol Emalee also got Briar Fox and Briar Bear to autograph her book.


Here are all the pictures of the few Princess' we could find. At one point mom and Emalee waited in line for 2 hours and only got 3 photos. Which was a total bummer since 2 of them we had pictures already.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Well here it is finally the start of all the pictures from our trip.
This one is take during the middle of our trip.
We are just past the San Ofre beach, which is by Camp Pendleton.
This day we were on our way to the SanDiego Zoo.
If you notice the top picture you might see the squirel that kept coming up and
touching Nikolas' shoe. He was so cute and didn't seem scared at all.
There are many more to come so check back often and see how long it takes
me to tackle this adventure. We have about 600 pictures I bore you
with all of them or scare you with some of them (lol). But please enjoy
them and see how much fun we had!!!!!!!

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