Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thank heavens for Little Girls...

Remember the movie GIGI!
and that oh so cute and endearing song.....
Thank heavens, thank heavens, thank heavens for little girls!
16 years ago I thought that very thought.
My "Eminems" was born.  She was so beautiful and perfect.
The day she was born was the episode of the show "Mad about You" when they 
name their daughter Mabel, we went with Emalee.  
I choose to spell it the way I did leaving off the other M cause I didn't want her to go by EMMA.
I know you may think I don't look happy in this but I was just really tired.  This was our third trip to the hospital too.  Dude told the nurse when we go there that this time we weren't leaving!  
We knew she was going to be a girl and were so very excited.
This was the day of her blessing.  She was given the name Emalee Marie.  We called her "peaches" for the longest time cause she was so well peach compared to her brother Bugs.  Then as time went on we started to call her Eminems, yes I know it is the spelling for the rapper but she didn't like the candy version of spelling it, and we say it with an "s" on the end.  

My wonderful SIL, I call her TexasRose (phone list contact), and her mother gave me a baby shower for her.  It was so helpful cause I had nothing girlie even though we knew she was going to be a girl.  
This is 4 generations...my great grandma, my mom, me and my grandma

This is Eminem's the 4 generations....
grandma (my mom,) mom (me), Eminems, and great grandma (my grandma)
hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.
 Happy birthday Eminems! I love you so much and very proud of you!

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