Friday, September 13, 2013


Nikolas turned 14 this past July. He is the youngest and the tallest. 

I call him gigantor cause compared to me well he is!  That's me standing flat footed behind him. I love this boy so much. He can push my buttons and drive me insane with always saying "Hi Mom" when ever I walk by him in the house. He is a great kid. Always thinking in the what if this or what if that mode, another thing that drives me crazy too.  

This last month we were able to get his teeth taken care of. He had a front tooth that was not straight from an accident he had with a skateboard about 6 years ago. It also got a cavity in it. So was black and bent as Nik would say. But now...
He can smile all day long, and he does. He looks great. 
The dentist did an amazing job.  

So my baby is growing up and doing great. I am a blessed mom.   
And yes in my phone he has a nickname is it "bugaboo". 
He has had it since he was little. 
So happy birthday Bugaboo, I love you!!! 

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