Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 1

      Ever heard or seen any of these phrases...


how about

 this one?

Yes all of these are ROCKIN'
but here is 
the best pic in this post.....
Yup it's me.  I am on day 1 of doing the C25K.  I am pretty sure it means "couch to 5 k".  It is an app on my iPhone.  It was free if you want to try it.  I like it because it talks to me.  It tells me when to run and when to walk.  I need this kind of help cause for one I know I can't run and count to 60 at the same time and also listen to music.  I am a blonde you know!!
Deep breath......

Any way the main reason I am starting this is because 
I suffer from depression/anxiety/panic attakcs.  
I know you maybe thinking "What YOU?" or maybe you are thinking "At least she is finally seeing what I have seen for a while now" At times I am unable to even get out of bed and I sleep for 18+hours.  
It affects my family, my house and well me!  I have always heard that running is great therapy and I long to be the me I was so long ago that didn't have this hiccup.  I have tried therapy to and I loved it.  It helped with a lot of things but other things it just wasn't for me.  I have tired medications too.  They helped sort of, but I felt more out of sorts than anything.  
So I stopped the therapy and medications 
and have turned to my feet for help. 
I would rather walk/run ALONE but my wonderful daughter has offered to go with me.  She is such an anchor in my crazy life which is good.  
We laugh and beg for it to be over at the same times and we push each other to keep going too.  

So I hope you all enjoy seeing my trails through all this walking/running that I plan on doing.  
Heres to beating depression and getting my sexy back!

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