Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Marching Band Season!!

For most people this is what is considered FOOTBALL season.
But here in our home it is MARCHING BAND season.
Since the 8th grade our Eminems has been in the high school marching band. 
8th and 9th grade she played the clarinet in the band and then 
10th and 11th grade she switched to the color guard 
(which she loves doing)  
8th grade year the band was only able to preform at the football games, since the 8th grade was in the band it wasn't allowed to compete in competitions.
When 9th grade came the band was able to finally and compete.   
They did awesome.  They didn't make it to State Festival or STATE. 
but they did so good and it was just their first year.  
Then last year 10th grade they made it State Festival and then STATE! 
They got 9th place but hey for only being in their seond year of competing that was awesome!
Then we come to this year 11th grade, so far they have competed in the Basha Invotational (got second place) and then the Gilbert Invatational (got second place).  These two competitions qualified them for State Festival and from there they hope to go on to STATE!  

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