Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween was simple this year for us. Thank you to Grandma Foote for getting us our pumpkins. We didn't carve them till Thursday night since the stinky weather has been so hot. Nate had done one at mutual and won the "best pumpkin" award. Sticking with simple our costumes were the same. Nate for mutual carried a bag of potato chips. He was called "all that and a bag of chips". I copied the other two kids from another person ( thanks Michelle) Nik had smarties candies pinned to his pants so he was "smartie pants" and Emalee had clothes that were all different and her hair half up and half down so she was like a beauty queen with the title "MISS MATCH". We didn't trick or treat in our development since our ward was having a Trunk r Treat. Much nicer and went really well. The kids had fun. We didnt' make it to the WW Scott party (sorry mom) it is just so hard living so far away. Hope you all had fun with your halloween!

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