Saturday, November 8, 2008

long week

I am so glad this week is over a lot has happened to our family, and this country. Some times when things change it is hard to accept them. You begin to wonder what will we do now? How will we make it? That is when you fall to your knees and pray like you have never prayed before. You want more than you can give and it is then you realize maybe I need to be better about noticing what I have. Even if you could start to loose those things too. Just hold on to that rod and keep moving forward and not look back at the what if's.
5 thankful things
1. The price of gas is going down.
2. My work is starting to get busy.
3. The weather is finally in the mmm hot chocolate stage.
4. I got the tinkerbell movie.
5. That I can have a MT DEW when ever I need one (i need alot lol)

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