Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still hopeful!

I know it is still not completey decided and I am still keeping my fingers crossed, but if that OTHER man wins! OMGosh I will just be left to wonder WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!????? And I voted so I can say anything I want. I can tell you I will not change my flag and I will continue to say the Pledge of Alligence and I will put my hand on my heart and stand and face the flag during the Anthem and shout GOD BLESS AMERICA every chance I get. So again if the other man wins just remember this country is still the best and will always be.
5 thankful things.........
1. Nikolas got all 4's on his daily
2. Emalee went to choir after coming close to being kicked out
3. That I voted and didn't have to stand in line.
4. My paper route is growing (not really but really)
5. That my mom taught me how to cook so even though my pantry was bare I could come up with something to make and my family ate it up like it was the best ever!

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