Sunday, November 9, 2008

My truck

Here it is......finally after 45 days of aggravation. I thought about blogging about the lengths it took us to get this truck but I am trying to be happier with life and talking about what we went through just gets me all fired up. Lets just keep it that I was 100 percent happy with CARMAX and 1000! percent upset with CARMAX!... If you ever want to hear about it let me know it is certainly a story to hear over a ice cold MT DEW. We got this since Aaron's "piece of KIA" died and we needed something and needed it fast. (LOL considering how long it took). We as you know throw newspapers so we needed something that could hold 5oo -700 papers. Back when we had "MEG" (that is my xterra'a name) and the "piece of Kia" Aaron was always having to make two sometimes three trips back to load. So we took this chance to upgrade ourselves. Plus we thougth about how nice it would be to pack up and go camping and have all the room we needed. This had everything we wanted third row seat (we only have 3 kids but they don't fit in a two seater any more) rear ac, and the all to cool DVD players in the head rests. We got a great deal on it. No our money tree in the back yard aint producing but when a need is needed you sacrifice.

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