Monday, October 20, 2008

Didn't forget

Missed a few days for Lacy. Sorry days have been busy, hope you are having fun. I hear there is snow up there is that really true? If so wow wish it was cooler here we are still having 95 degree weather. Bring it home with you ok. Time is flying by. Hard to believe that October is almost gone. My garden is being eaten not by our family but by the crickets. Any one have a remedey for it please let me know. Sunday was Visiting teaching conference. I have to admit I am not one to get totaly involved in that. The thought of women popping over to my house that us 8 of 10 times a total mess is enough to send me into a panic attack. I often catch my self excusing my mess and then they say so sweetly "oh it is ok". I work alot (not more than anyone else I know) but having to make time is hard. But after this sunday I am going to try and be better. Here is the cutest movie that we watched it is a link I couldn't get it to just post on my blog.

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