Monday, October 6, 2008

What a weekend!!

This weekend was the best. First I got friday off from work(thank you thank you Steven!!) And then I got to watch conference. I watched both saturdays and the last one on sunday. I missed the am sunday morning, stupid throwing papers. Any way WOW another 5 temples! How exciting. I loved going on temple trips when I was in Young Womens. Saving up, planning, and then the 8 hours of driving to Washington DC. All worth the wonderful experience I got when being in that special place. Hearing from the prophet was so special. My kids were in and out listening and not listening but when President Monson spoke at the close it was like they were transfixed and actually were taking in the great and wise words. I loved the theme of saturday morning of missionary work. At least that was how I took it. Bring everyone to the gospel, even thoses who have strayed and the importance of not judging them. I have to admit I have had that happen. It is hard to over come when people look at you and see you one way and cant move on from it. And when you do try to be better they hold on to the old person and keep judging you. Acting surprised that you even had a righteous moment like that is not even possible for you. We are all children of our Heavenly Father and no matter where we stand in line to come back to him AT LEAST I AM STANDING IN THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this church and all that it stands for. I am glad beyond a doubt to know what I know. That no matter where I live I have that to go to and it is the same everywhere. How great it is to have faith in something bigger than we are in this world. I loved the statement by Brother Nelson that "salvation is an indiviual matter but exaltation is a family matter" how true. With out them I would be lost. ok ok ok I need to climb down off my box ( i think i just had a testimony moment) takecareyou all hope you enjoyed this weekend too like me! xoxoxo


Skeeter said...

AMEN!!! Loved it.. I still need to watch Saturday (DVR!! love it) Loved Sunday though!!! I'm in line too!!!

menloves said...

can i stand in your line. i dont want to be in the boring line!!! keep up the good work were all cheering for you!!! you know we love you and want you to be your best.