Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Girl

It happened Emalee finally had her birthday. We get the kids a small cake and gift that is put in their room that they get to wake up to. They totally love it, one year we didn't do it and they went on and on about how they missed it. So we are back to doing it. We then have a regular cake that evening with presents. I have to say when it comes to giving gifts and having money as some of you know it is hard. But my kids always amaze me that even when it is just one gift they are happy and grafteful for the gift. Where in my head and heart I wish I could give them more. So any way this weekend we are having a "LEARN TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS" party. Yup can you stand it, it is now that time. Will let you know how it goes HAHAHA!

1 comment:

Skeeter said...

NO FREAKING WAY!!! Shave your legs... I am in shock she is 11!!! WTF!!! Wasn't she just teeny tiny? =< MIss you Love yoU!!!