Thursday, October 16, 2008


LOL I am only posting this for Lacy...............
I promise to do better to keep up on posting so you have fun things to read every day your gone.
So how many days do I need???
Well today I finally got my Expedition. It is white and soooo pretty. It was a long road to getting it. But that is for another post. The weather is getting hot again, bummer it was nice to open windows and almost freeze over the weekend.
Can't help you with the list of things to do in Utah since I myself have only been there 3 times my entire life.
But I hear that the ??CREAMERY?? is a great place to check out.
OH hey if you have room and could, would it be possible to pick me up some caffine free MT DEW? I know I know what is this world coming to that I SHANA MARIE the lover of the DEW would ask for it in that non normal way. But hey trying to change a habit takes time. lol lol

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Lacy said...

Thanks for that! Congrats on the exped! And you are totally in the know with the creamery on ninth!