Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

The two favorite holidays of the year and I pretty much missed them both.  I was there for them but as for lots of photos and memories not so much.  I have reasons that in my mind make it ok but to the record keeping for my family it isn't ok. 
So Thanksgiving was at my Mom's this year. She got this table that she has been dying to have everyone sit around and have a nice meal together.  Thanksgiving is hard on our family since we as you know throw newspapers and Thanksgiving is the biggest one of the year! So getting up in the morning and having to look happy about being up that early is hard and then have to drive into Mesa is just long and long!  But we made it and it was a great time.  (again no photos sorry) My grandma and grandpa Scott made it which was so nice, my kids have always called them grandma and grandpa Walkerman.  It is from the the tv show Walkerman with Chuck Norris any way he wore a cowboy hat and my kids always saw grandpa with one to so the name stuck and even now years later they still refer to them as that.  
oh I do have some photos of my Chalking that I did of Thanksgiving

I have always like writing on things, and chalk is fun to use.  One day I would like to think I would have a business that I did chalking for others and my whole family helped with it. 
Dreams baby Dreams!!!
Me and Bugaboo at the Christmas concert
Eminem had a Christmas concert I remember that and it was beautiful as always.  Her Director Mr W, is AWESOME!  He challenges the kids at every moment.  I really like that about him.  Cause even when she is upset and I say she can quit if she wants she keeps going cause she knows it's the best thing.  She has had Mr. W since 5th grade and they have become good friends over the years 
She play the bass clarinet in the Wind Ensemble.
This is Eminem with the tallest bass clarient player ever (we will call him J)
See what I mean TALL!!!!
One cool thing that happened during the concert was I got to quietly FaceTime with my Mom and Dad who were in Texas visiting my Brother Alan and his family.  So instead of seeing me I pointed it at the concert so they could hear a song or two.
It worked great, Thanks for FaceTime Apple!!
Here is my Chalk for Christmas

And here is our Christmas Tree.  Bugs does the decorating of it cause it stresses me to much.

He always does a great job!
The only other exciting thing that happened was Eminem got a guinea pig.  It was tiny and didn't eat much or do much and one fateful night she had it out on the couch with her and it scurried across the back of the couch and Rufus (2 year old Beagle) decided it was a toy and full on tried to bite it to like carry it off like a bone.  It was so sad we held it trying to comfort it, I thought it had the hiccups, but then it looked straight up and tried to take a breath it was then I realized it was gasping for air not having the hiccups.
I quickly called Dude and asked him what to do.  We decided to call Petsmart and see what they would say. They were so nice and said we could bring it in and get another if we wanted to.  We left it up to Eminem, at first I don't think she wanted to have another one but when we got there her heart needed that spot healed and so we got another one.  This new one she named Tonto.  She loves Johnny Depp and so anything he has played was a possible name for the pig.  Tonto was chosen because the pig has some black lines around one of his eyes.  I then gave him the name Tonto D2.  play on words sure (I do love star wars too)
He has been a fun pet.

There you have it Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled up neatly and blogged.


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