Monday, February 24, 2014

Gilbert Temple

We decided to take the family to see the new Gilbert, Az temple. Eminem was going to work a shift during the open house putting shoe coverings (aka booties)on all the people who would be going through on the tours.  So I planned our family's tour to be about the same time. 
I have been to one other open house back when I lived in 
Rome, New York it was to the Toronto Temple in Canada about a year and half before we moved.  Most of the time we lived there the temple that was the closest to us was the 
Washington D.C.temple. So having one a bit closer was nice and in another country was cool too.  
The Gilbert temple is one of 6 in Arizona. (back in 1991 when my family moved here there was only 1)so now to have 6 is amazing.  The Church is growing by leaps and bonds in these the last days.  
I am forever grateful for a family that is eternal and forever!
While walking through I thought about my kids and all the great memories that will possibly be made in this actual temple with them like missions and marriages.  It's exciting.  

Here is Eminem looking as beautiful as ever.  She signed up for being a helper during the tour and I asked if she wouldn't mind if I tagged along.  So her and I went back after our tour and lunch with the guys (Dude, Bugs & Bugaboo).  We walked as a group up to the temple and got a few instructions of what to do and just as we were getting ready to work our shift I was waved up to the front door by our supervisor.  I walked over and was asked if I could take an usher's place at the front door letting the tour groups in after they got their shoe coverings.  I said yes of course but was so nervous too.  So as the groups got the coverings their tour guide would wait at the front door with me and then I would get a nod from the inner door usher so I could let the group in.  It was interesting to watch the different people walk thru the doors.  Some you could tell were LDS and others you could tell were there to almost defiantly walk through.  Which was hard to see but I just kept a smile and welcomed them all the same.  Some points I remember 
1. Some little children didn't like the shoe coverings on their feet almost as much as having to sit on Santa's lap.
2. Some loved taking a quick photo of the shoe coverings for Facebook or Instagram.
3. One guy was so disgusted with the shoe coverings he told the missionaries he was with it was insulting to put plastic over his $400 shoes. (good grief guy really) 
4. A lot of older people were amazed about the temple commenting on the amount of money that must go into the temple and how it would be better used to feed the masses or help the poor.  (another good grief --do they really not know the  amount our Church does around the world in relief).  
5.  One lady walked right up to the door dressed in church attire but had a few tattoos and some piercings and stopped.  She started crying and taking deep breaths I asked her is she was ok and she just whispered that she didn't know if she could go any further.  I said sure you can.  She looked at me with tears and said I never thought I would come back.  I said well you made it now go enjoy it and come back often. (WORDS TO LIVE BY!)
This sunday it will be dedicated and will only be open for LDS members whom have a recommend to enter. I hope to be one of those people and can go often and receive the blessings that come from attending.  If you are interested in knowing more about the LDS church click here LDS

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