Thursday, October 31, 2013

Joy of TEETH

                           That moment you realize you have put it off far to long 
and it needs to happen…yup that is me and the DENTIST!  
I have to admit I am not good at making sure my not so little ones make it to the dentist every 6 months.  There are a million and one reasons but I won't list them cause it doesn't make it any better why we haven't gone.  
When my sister started her career I thought cool now we will go and go often. 
Then she changed jobs and so I changed my mind.  (bad mom)
When we moved out here to "boonie land" 
I took them that first year all the way back into Mesa, 
the place had just opened and they were awesome.  Then it got to be the "all the way into Mesa" was just to much for me (another bad mom).  Time ticked away and baby teeth started to become permenant teeth and they weren't as straight and white as those cute baby teeth.  Then Bug~a~boo hit his tooth with a skate board I thought nothing of it he said he was ok, but as the years when on we noticed the front tooth turning inward and getting a tiny black spot on it.  Next Eminem was noticing that all he front teeth were just a mess.  But again I thought it was ok.  (way bad mom).  When 
Dude got his new job and we got dental insurance again I was like ok lets get this done.  

And NOW…
Bug~a~boo had to have a root canal and a crown and some fillings
This is fillings and root canal day

Now Bug~a~boo is set with his new crown and a reason to smile!!!

Next was Eminem

She has a serious over bite and the roof of her mouth needed so expanding.

She is now in braces for the next 3 years maybe 2 so just in time for graduation pictures.  I have to say she also smiles alot more now. 

Next was Bugs, who needed fillings and his top wisdome teeth pulled but we are waiting on that till after school to due during the summer before he leaves on his mission.  Bugs is also not good at the dentist, his brain tells him he feels everything even with pain meds so this time we asked for gas!!  And he loved it!!! Says he will go all the time now.  

They are all such troopers considering all that had to be done.  And yes I have learned my lesson, Everyone has their next 6 month appointment already scheduled.  

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