Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 25, 2008. We have alot to be very grateful for. This year have been a busy and stressful one. From kids growing by leaps and bounds to cars breaking down, to having to buy a new truck, to loosing a job, but still having other jobs to rely on. Wow we have been around the block! Santa came to our home while we were delivering papers. Yup we all loaded in the car and met Aaron and delivered in the rain. When we got home the kids were exhusted but I was sure they would want to see if Santa came, but nope everyone went right to bed. That was at 4:30 then a little later at 8:30 the kids slowly woke up. Nik was first! We all were ready and Aaron went in the front room turned on the lights and the kids took off. It was a blast to see all the excitement from them. We went to Aaron's mom and dads first to have lunch. Then Aaron had to be to work so he left and me and the kids played a few games and then headed to my mom and dad's. While driving it started to pour rain like you couldnt see in front of you rain. But we made it there. Spent a few hours with them we called Alan and his family they were in the middle of dinner so he was going to call back. Toni had been by earlier and Chuck had to work to so go home about 5:30. We had his name this year and he had ours so we waited for him to open his gifts and then I was done for the day. It was 6ish and living in Queen Creek you have to plan a 45 minute drive to get home. So off we went. We had a blessed day of joy and love. We hope you all had the same!
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Skeeter said...

How awesome! Tell Nate I have the same Mt Dew pants! LOVE THEM! They are growing up so much Chana! What the heck! Are we really that old?