Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just want to let everyone know that I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!
Hard to believe this ever had to become a day that the world stood still. I remember sitting on the couch with Nathan who was 4 at the time and trying not to cry in front of him. Then the second tower was hit as we both watched and Nathan asking me "Mommy is that building going to fall now?" It was the hardest thing to watch yet I was glued to the TV for the longest time. I support the troops and all that they do. I love this country with all my heart and will stand up when ever I am called upon. I love my father for serving this country and all that he showed me as an example as a military person. YES I am an AIR FORCE BRAT!!! and I am proud of it! I am upset when I hear people talk down about our country. TO all those people I say don't let the door hit you on the ASSET!! when leaving this great nation. They should go to a place that doesn't let you drive across a beautiful country with out papers that say you can. Or go live in a city that has a wall around it. That if you walk to close to it you would be shot! Or a country that wont let you worship the way you want! Please go there and tell me how you like it better than here! GOD BLESS AMERICAN AND THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL WHO KEEP US SAFE!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET!!!

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