Monday, September 15, 2008


I am not sure how you get to show people you know on here if any one knows can you let me know....thanks. Today I have to vent.......(long deep breath..........)I ordered dsl for our home last monday and decided to use Qwest. UGH!!! Sure I am online now but omgosh what hoopes I had to jump through to get it. Being told oh you are all set to be online friday and then friday came and nothing from Ups. HMM make a phone call and then get lied too. Straight up lied to. Told you should have the modem here is the tracking number. Well with my beloved Blackberry Pearl which the qwest helper must not have known I had I tracked my number and wow to my shock it was not to be delivered till today monday! So another call to explain the lie and got what??? you may ask...yes another lie. So here it is Monday and after waiting all day my modem showed up. So we all were excited waiting standing around Aaron asking over and over are we on, are we on? NOTHING!! So another call and this one told us that nope we can't get on till probably tomorrow the tech was over loaded! OMgosh I was besides myself wondering if I would ever get the stupid thing to work. And after talking to techs and managers you would have thought we would have gotten something in return but no we got a call then he pretened to loose the connection and hung up on us. AND NEVER CALLED BACK. Guess I take matters into my own hands....Aaron was the good cop and now I get to be the BAD COP! will keep you up on this drama.


Chris and Karen said...

I am so glad we do not have to quest Qwest or Cox. Best thing we ever did was move (to get rid of Qwest) and get Dish Network to get rid of Cox. Chris will never go back to Cox again.

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Skeeter said...

Hey lady... to add people you know go to Customize, Layout, click on add a gadget and either select blog list or link list and go from there. You will need everyones blog address... here's mine
LOVE YOU!!! good luck with qwest!!! They bite the big weenie!