Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Only one ROUTE!!!

YES!  Set in stone and no going back.  
                We as a family looked hard at the way things have been going in our lives and realized we needed a change and it needed to be a huge one! We have been flirting with the idea of giving up one of our paper routes for a long time now, just always seemed like it wouldn't be a thing we could do.  When we went on our wonderful Vacation to Disney World we saved and saved not only for the trip but to pay some one to throw our papers too!   I know Right how sad is that!!  Think of all the $$ we could have had on the trip.  This is one of the down falls of papers, you can't just call in sick or take a few days off it is your business and as such you have to take care of it ALL THE TIME!  When Dude got his new job we knew it would be hard for him to do papers and turn around and head to work.  So through this past summer me and the kids did it, he helped on the weekends.  Then came the fall and the route began to climb and I kept doing it alone no big thing at first it jumped to 500, and then came December and I was throwing an average of 850 every night and our District Manager gave us a 30 day notice cause of misses.  (back note my routes have at least 5-8 stops and starts a day which can get to be alot when you're throwing papers) (silly snow birds think they can come and go all the time).  So with the termination hanging over my head the weight of so many papers on my shoulders and still life at home with 4 teenagers and a hubby I had had it!  I talked with the kids about it and they were all in the stage of hating it as much as I did the next person to convince was Dude.  So when I talked to him about it he at first was like we are already there throwing what is another hour?  I explained that he needed to start helping everynight then.  My body was breaking down I couldn't keep it up.  Well I don't think he liked that much so We all talked and talked and decided that end of January we were done.  

                  And now I don't hate it as much! I get up at the same time but I am done way earlier than ever and I don't stress (as much).  I am a bit happier and that is a plus.  I have to say that through all the crap of it the best thing came from it was that I got time with my kids.  Time that alot of parents don't get with their kids.  We are a close family we do alot that most don't with teenagers, like go to movies, dinner out, shopping.  By this age I was done with family time for the most part.  But my kids are so different and I like that I know them and get to hear things that maybe I wouldn't if it hadn't been for it being 2:30 in the am.  
                 Would I ever tell someone to take on a paper route the answer is NO!  It sucks the life from you, you age faster, blah blah blah just like other jobs I am sure,  I am not saying it is only papers. 

              Sorry this is a lame post and has no fansy pics or anything else. But I wanted to get it out there.

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