Thursday, January 10, 2013

40 years!! What to DO??

Ok so I re--looked at this post that I was working on and like I said I am feeling the panic but I am going to post this any way the way it is...this is but a tiny bit of the pictures I had to post and it looks like I got alot of them labled.  Enjoy the ones with no caption I am sure you can figure out what they are 


My parents 40th anniversary is this year (Jan 28) and my mother decided she wanted to make it a super special event for the entire family.  (side note it is also my Father's birthday and even though he doesn't like to make it a big deal and that the anniversary is more important they are on the same day and we still celebrate it too).  So about 3 years ago we started talking about what we wanted to do.  We had decided to go on the Disney Cruise, something we have never done, but as it got closer Mom decided she wanted to got to Disney World.  Mom, Dad Shana and Alan had been many many years ago when we lived in Georgia.  It was decided March 2012 was the time and we would be off on the biggest thrill of a life time.  5 days on visiting the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!   Mom and Dad said they would rent the house all the rest of us had to just get there and get in. (small and simple task right LOL).  We began planning and saving a lot of saving.  And before we knew it the time was here.  We flew from Phoenix to Orlando.  Alan and Mellanie and their family flew from Texas and met us there.  Here are a few pics from the total adventure. The first one of course is of my parents who never fail to let everyone know how much in love they really are!  They are like newly weds, we all have become used to it and to be honest we love that they let us know it too!! 

Caught in the act... Just like newly weds!

All smile for the LONG plane ride.
Toni and Emalee

Awe the boys doing what they enjoy most.  Loved that on the plane they were unplugged for the most part.

Nikolas had never been on a plan and just loved seeing all the cool patterns on the ground.

Here is half of us the Crazy ones!  lol 
Mom, Dad, Chuck and Aaron were in front of us which I am sure they were happy about.

Here is the awesome 8 bedroom house my parents found it was amazing.  We had so much room to actually live and not get one each others nerves.  There was also a pool and spa and game room.  We were less then 10 minutes from Disney World which was the best part for sure.  We were able to go home in the afternoon to eat and then rest and head back to Disney.  

Me chillin by the pool while the kids get out the pent up energy from the flight.

Here we are arriving at the first day!  (do you also see what I see I had to take a double take the van in front of us I thought it was the Hallidays! wishful thinking)  

Chuck and Nikolas waiting while Mom and Dad (grandma and grandp) got our tickets!  

My boys getting ready for FUN!!
As the sign above says...LET THE MEMORIES BEGIN!!!
The family on our first day! (Dad, Mom, Emalee, Chuck, Shana, Aaron, Nikolas, Toni, Nathan, Christian) Alan and his family went to Kennedy Space Center this day. 
When we go to Disney Land we always ride Haunted Mansion first so since we were at Disney World we decided that the first ride should be Haunted Mansion
We made it out alive.  For some reason I forgot to get a pis of the actual ride oops!  It was fabulous.
Nathan and Christian in the gallows.  I might need a set of these at home when they aren't listening to me!
LOL I even got Dude to get into it!  
The Hallidays gave us a picture scavenger hunt to do here are a few of the items.
This one is a hidden mickey.  It is a wrist band of Nikolas' we got it from the Pirates of the Carribean ride we all saw the skulls and crossbones and then Nikolas said hey I see Mickey! 
Another item was "DINGLE HOPPER"  Yes we are all combing our hair with a fork oops I mean Dingle Hopper. (watch the Little Mermaid if you are confused)

Disney Hollywood Studios Rollin Roller Coaster

Our first time on the Rockin Roller Coaster we had no idea what to expect!  It was totally awesome.  They say the ride shoots you out so fast that it carries your threw the whole ride!  Wow.

We rode 2 more times but this time we knew where the flash for the camera was and we POSED!!  1st was the ROCK ON sign!!!

3rd time we did the MINI ME sign from Austin Powers (no I am not recommending this movie but it makes for a funny pose).  Dad was in process of putting hand up but missed it.  We almost had to ride again but decided to go on to the next ride.

This was our first time on it...We rode this another 3 times but I am not finding the pics....hhmmmm
My Dad found his Ford Truck
Dad and Nikolas updated pose from a few years ago together at Disney Land.  
Nikolas is almost as tall as Grandpa! watch out 
Emalee was on a pin buying spree.  She bought and traded the entire time!
We had a snack at the ABC commissary, Emalee found this poster of one of her favorite shows.
To bad she can't drive yet!!
Emalee and Bo the Coke Guy!!

The giant hat @ Hollywood Studios

Up next it is....
Nikolas cooling off inside Star Tours.  The line moved pretty fast which was nice.
Check out our cool glasses!! ( I think the magic number for all the cool rides was 3.)  We did this one too 3 times each one was different, We loved it. 
Quick video of my Dad he got picked to be an extra for the INDIANA JONES stunt show.  
He was awesome!

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