Thursday, January 10, 2013


Many of us are reaffirming that we will be better bloggers this year and I am joining the ranks!  I can't say that I will be able to catch up  on all the last years things cause there was alot of them. So maybe once in a while I will do what I call a FLASHBACK and mention things that have happened.  I have to say one reason I lost the blogger in me was my vacation to Florida.  I had so many pictures that I wanted to post and label and make all cutesie but it just wasn't happening for me.  For a good few months I sat down and got all the panic attacks you can imagine.  So I would walk away.  Then see that a beautiful friend would post something and I would think I have time why can I not just do this, and then...Another panic attack! Life in my home has been turned on its head.  The stress levels have brought me to have to be on highblood pressure meds and what I call "crazy pills"  It's ok I am happy to be on both and I even had some counseling for a few months (which my daughter thinks I still need to be going to).  So all this being said WELCOME BACK to my blog.  

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