Monday, February 20, 2012

She is 14!!!

WOW my beautiful Emalee is 14!  She has been doing so much this year.  She is officially in high school!  I am still amazed at all she has done being a year ahead and now she plans to move even more ahead!  Her goal originally was to graduate early (with her brother) but she has since decided to instead start college while in high school.  So the plan now is when she graduates she will be a JR in college already!  She wanted to go into Forensics be like Abby on NCIS.  But now she has changed it up a bit and added to it and now wants to do Forensics Anthropology  like Temperace Brennan on BONES.  I know these are both tv shows but if it leads my girl to a career then kuddos!  She also says when she is famous and making alot of money she will take care of me and fly me to Hawaii once a year!  So heck yes Emalee.

She decided to stay in Marching Band and we went to all of her performances!  The Combs Marching Band got to go to a lot of competitions this year and even made it to the State Festival!  We love cheering for her and seeing how well the band has progressed just in one year!

Back in October she started to show spots on her upper legs and back of her arms that itched a bit but hurt more than anything, I thought maybe it was Shingles so I called my Mom since my Dad has had them and compare things.  After talking to her we decided it wasn't that at all.  So I gave her some medicine and thought it will go away on its own.  The next morning I came into the family room and saw this
Her lips were three times their normal size, I freaked out and called the Dr.  They had us come in and said it was an allergic reaction to something.  We started to go over what she had done lately that was different and came up with nothing, then Dr Trevor listened to her breathing and said she needed to go to the ER right away.  So we headed off to Banner Ironwood and go right in.  They gave her a bunch of meds in an IV. Never having been in a hospital before she was great.  They sent us home and said to keep giving her benedryl and gave us a prescription for an EPI pen.  I was freaked but held it together.  We let it go a few days and the swelling in her lips started to go down, then she was sleeping all the time.  She would go to be at like 6pm and sleep all night and when time for school she just was to tired to get up. She told me the spots were still there and getting more of them.  Another call to the DR and we went in and this time Dr. Jensen saw her and said that her spots were erythema nodosum, he then decided to run some blood test cause he was pretty sure that this was Valley Fever.  Sure enough it was.  We were happy to now what it was but worried all the same.  She still gets tired a lot but most of the other symptoms are gone.  We didn't have to see a specialist or go on an meds which was a nice thing. We keep an eye out for anything in case it flares up again.  
At church Emalee moved up in to Mia Maids and is now the 2nd counselor she is very excited as are we.  
Pretty exciting year for Miss Emalee! 

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Karen said...

2 of my most favorite shows. can't go wrong there :)