Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time to catch up

I didn't realize it had been this long with out a blog post.
My lovely charger for my Mac died a very sad and painful death.  The sad part was the covering on the wires was coming off and then soda got dumped on it and the painful part was the cost of replacing it would be. However Thanks to my Dude he found me one that I didn't have to cut off my arm or leg for. So I am back, and after a few more depression days I am hoping to keep up on this blog.  I know I can do it from my phone but I don't exactly like the Blogger app its to hard to add pics and change fonts.
so let's catch up shall we (I will keep it simple swear)
Feb 26th my Mom and Sister took me out I can't really remember the totally real reason other than to cheer me up. 
I think we went to the flower market and then to lunch which we had my Dad show up for too ( when he got there he said I am here so now it will be paid for, what a funny guy) We ate at the Piggly at the Fair in Mesa. 
Omgosh you guys this place was super fun and good food too.
After eating a stuffed baked potato with turkey on top my Mom ordered deep fried Oreos!

Me and My Sister (aka ToneTones)

and my Mom and Dad doing what they always seem to be doing showing love as much as they can!
(I did find out that my Mom had thought about stealing me away for the weekend and take me to Disneyland to help cheer me up but things just didn't work out…That would have been the best but this was just as nice)

Feb 28 Eminem had a Band Concert.  It was so last minute that even I didn't know about it till that day.
They were awesome. They showcased what they are doing for Regionals and had some of the solos played too.

After we headed to Olive Garden for some girl time.
(thanks to ToneTones for the gift card we still had)

The first week of March was a low again for me and wouldn't it be fitting that I am scrolling through Pinterst to get some motivation that I find this…

Yup just what I need!!

Eminem had the opportunity to be in the Cultural Celebration for the opening of the Gilbert AZ Temple.  
The youth (1200) had been practicing since January for this.  
The week before they practice for like 15 hours it was insane and hot and lots of kids had allergy problems from the grass being so dry. It was amazing the photos that were posted (a cool note though that I noticed was the kids were asked not to use their phones in fact to leave them at home which a lot I think actually did) so it was adults posting fun again.

This is a view of the weekend before the Celebration.  The different colors are the different Stakes/Regions of the youth.  
The day of the actual Celebration is was suppose to rain and rain a lot!!  Now here is Arizona we love it when it rains cause it doesn't happen often.  People prayed for the rain to hold out till after and during the day practices they even considered to tape it and possibly just show it on TV. (it was being shown on TV since the grand scale was to much to have all the youth and leaders and TV people that they had people stay home to watch) But there was this opening over the field most of the day when you drove by you could see the gray and darkness just waiting to open up but this one spot was sunny!
Then it was time to start and when it started so did the rain! 
President Monson and President Eyring were both there and even told the kids this would be something they would never forget. 
I have asked Eminem to write in her journal about this and I think she has.  
The rain came and came and came the kids were soaked to the bone but in the video they are nothing but smiles cause they know what they are doing is important! 

Here is Eminem with her friend who is also and Em.  Their shirt color was light blue and on the front of it was the Moto for the Celebration which was LIVE TRUE.
I love picking them up from school and still seeing kids wearing these shirts. What pride they must have knowing what they did and  lived through.  
President Monson even mentioned it in this past (click here) General Conference 
If you would like to see the video of the (click here)
the video is long but so worth it!

Next was the General Women's Conference.
Whitealicious asked if Eminem and I wanted go with them.  I excitedly said yes of course!  This was the first time ever that the Conference was open for all girls from the age of 8 and up to attend! How awesome it was to see those young faces sitting with their mom beaming about being there.  

It was a wonderful Conference!  After the prayer we scurried out as fast as we could and went to dinner. It is fun to be out and happy (I sometimes forget it happens) 
This is me and Eminem after all the fun

That was most of Feb and some of March. I am on to finish March and start in to April.  Also have had lots of questions about the Nephew so I may do a post answering so questions.  


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