Monday, March 22, 2010

Team who???

Yes I have choosen a side and even though I know it is not going to end the way I would have liked I still have picked my side.  At 3:10am  Emalee and I finished the route and drove just 4 minutes
to Wal-mart to rush in and grab our copy of NEW MOON!!!
We then promised each other that we would go home and sleep and not watch it till morning.
After a day of shopping we sat and took it all in! 
Did I ever think I would enjoy these movies as much as I have, No.  Do I try to look for things that are
similar to my life, sure what girl wouldn't. I have watched it 3 times and in between those I have even watched Twilight too.  I know I am a hopeless cause.

1 comment:

lacycakes said...

ok i didn't buy it yet, but uh who can blame you for watching those hotties standing in the rain. yum, i was always team jacob.