Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Renn Fair....2010

We love to go to the Rennisance Fair.  Fun, Shows, Jousting, and lots of Turkey legs to eat!  This year Emalee and me got Henna Art (my artist was Alicia, if you ever want great work done make sure you ask for her!!!!!)and ankle bracelets that have a cool sound to them when you walk, Nathan and Nikolas got Crystal Sticks, Nikolas also got elf ears, Mom (my mom Elaine) got a wind chime and a photo of the girls in Renn outfits, my sister Toni got a Wax candle that was awesome black and hot pink and Dude well he got all of us smiling and saying Yes to all that we wanted.  Here are some pictures. 
We saw the Bald Eagle at the bird show.  It was so awesome. Then there was the Tortuga Twins a funny group of guys that have a very show.  Also the Medieval Bebes sang beautifully.  If you never have been to it take the time to go, I promise you that you won't be disapointed.  

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