Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July! !

I don't have any pics cause my camera broke but we had a great fourth!!!! Not only was it Independence Day but it was Aaron's Birthday. We had my parents, Aaron's parents, Aaron's sister and her kids, and the Eaton Family. Wow so many kids and they are all growing up so fast. If I had my camera I could have take a few many pics to show. I will work on it. The heat was horrible. We had plans to take everyone to the park but that changed to us staying at the house. To many other things to worry about being away from the house. And I have been told that I need to stress less so I opted to keep everyone at the house. We ate great and it just so happens that on TV was one of the Star Wars movies---Return of the Jedi so it was like my brother Alan and his family were there too. My sister and her husband and my other brother could not make it. We hope they had fun too. We didn't go to see fireworks it is just to hot. But about 9:15 someone started to fire some off to the east of us the kids were excited. Then we could hear the Queen Creek/Schnef Farms fireworks. All in all it was a great night. Aaron is a year older. lol. His standard present from his Dad is he gets $1bills for every year. It was fun to watch the kids counting the bills. They got up to WOW 39!!!!!!! We made it through now on the the next stessful thing oh wait less stress right remember less stress!!

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